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I have had trouble figuring out what seat size I need for an OTK and was wondering if anyone else who uses an OTK could help. Basically I need to get the size I want but I don’t have time to try fitting seats. Im not really close to a track. The current kart I use was previously used and uses a tillet seat but I don’t know what size. I was thinking that I need a size 1 or 2 but i’m not sure which. I’m pretty skinny but I don’t know how small the 1 really is. They have dimensions but I don’t really know how I could relate that to waist size. For reference I have about a 30" waist. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Does this help at all? (Assuming you haven’t seen it already)
You’ll have to make a guesstimate on the width of your waist vs its circumference.

other thing to take into account he OTK Seats in the same size can vary by a fair bit given how they stack them. Best bet if you can is to go into a shop and sit in one on the floor

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Where are you based? Maybe there’s a kart shop somewhere around?


I was thinking something similar to James. Maybe call a kart shop, tell them what your personal dimensions are, and have them help you fit one? At least by using the numbers, they should be able to give you a guesstimate on the phone.

If you were going to be safe, just pick the larger of the two options, so you’re sure to fit, if you don’t have the time to get fitted.

At a 30" waist you’ll probably need a size 2. Size 1 is really small. I’m about a 30" waist as well and 1 is too small for me.

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I can wedge myself into a 2 and I’m a little chunky these days (34" waist).

You should get the 2, if its a little big add some strategic padding to the seat or wear a rib protector. Better that way then get the 1 and be too small.

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Like others have said, if in doubt get a touch bigger. You can fill in side with some foam or rib protector. I used a cheap foam sleeping pad like the link below for my Son. Gives a little cushion and keeps him from moving around in the seat.

sleeping pad

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33" waist, I had a 2 and it fit but my hips were pinched at the bottom so we grabbed a 3 with some padding and it worked out better. At 30" you’ll probably grab a 2. Like they were saying though, when they make seats, they actually pack them in groups of 3, labeled 1A, 1B, 1C, and so on for the other 3 sizes, so try it out before you buy it.