OTK seat support weld

It seems my seat support it starting to crack on the backside weld. Is it best to repair this before the entire weld breaks? 2021 OTK exprit.

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If it was me, I would weld any crack ASAP.


Very common for them to crack there, if one of mine does that’s normally what goes first. Just weld it up go to the hardware store and find some orange paint. Let it rip I haven’t found welding the strut there effects performance.

Best way to clean up the area to prep for welding is with a twisted wire brush with a dill. Pull the seat and make sure you get all the way around the exsisting weld. Have whoever does it weld all the way around and not just where you see the crack now.

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Fix it now, you don’t want it to break clean thru at the track on race day as it does adversely affect the handling. In fact it might be affecting handling as it is. I had a partial crack in the same spot and didn’t find it for couple of races. The tiny little crack caused the rear of the kart to suddenly step out or hop. When you take in for welding, remove the engine, gas tank, seat, rear axle, side pod/struts, and rear bumper, so that the welder can get all around the weld and flip upside down if need be. Easier you make it on the welder the better the weld. The paint comes off with brake fluid but it should be wire brushed. TIG weld it.



Fellow racer had to do a emergency stick weld repair at the races. It worked and he was able to finish the race weekend :smile: :muscle:

I took all the affected material away and welded a new piece in


Well done! I was concerned when you showed the “before” but the after looks great. What did you use to grind the upper butt joint weld in that tight spot?

That’s a nice looking weld.

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Thank you :hugs:

Took most of the butt joint weld away with power tools. Weld that remained in the tight spot that couldnt be reached with power tools - used a file, then file that has sandpaper wrapped around, after that few strokes with sand paper strip - like shoe polishers do.

The goal is to have repair pipe perfectly aligned with the existing pipe so theres no step. If theres a step and one grinds away the weld - the pipes will have reduced wall thicknesses


Awesome work! How did you get the angles properly to cut the tubes and match them?

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Mikko I gotta say that’s the best frame repair I’ve ever seen.

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