OTK Steering Columns

'19 Kosmic

I was having a chat with a mate who was a works mechanic for Kosmic and he brang up steering columns in a list of chassis setups but I’m not sure on the impacts of the different columns

Currently running the standard otk steering column

Any help appreciated

Essentially changes both the ackermann and rate of steering. Further away from the steering column will result in more ackermann and a fast rate of steering.

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I think you are half right. Farther away from steer is faster. But it has LESS Ackermann effect Ackerman effect occurs when the inside tire pivot starts to go over center, resulting in the inner spindle turning less. As you move the pivot further away, the spindles turn more for a given steering wheel angle. So you never get to the point where ackermann effect really starts.

I think the special OTK steering column is used for faster/wider international caliber tracks without super tight corners.

Power Republic does some really great video’s.