OTK track rod to stub axle HELP!

I have fully stripped down my kart to replace all bolts, bearings etc give it a thorough clean, have the frame jigged and the rebuilt engine put back on for this season.

I have taken apart the stub axle and track rod and I never made note of how this was attached. Is the hiem on top or bottom? I have a couple of small spacers are these on top and under the hiem? When I turn the steering fully over, the opposite wheel (if I turn right - the left wheel or I turn left - the right wheel) almost turns the wrong way, it goes slighty left although it should be going right? I hope this makes sense!

Can anyone tell me the standard way to attach the track rod onto the stub axle or share photos please?

Any help will be much appreciated!

The whole assembly sits above the spindle arm.

Big washer
Small flat washer
Tie rod end
Beveled washer
Spindle arm

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This is normal. At full lock, the outside wheel will turn slightly back outwards due to the Ackermann in the front end.


Thank you very much for the photos!!
I will sort them out tomorrow!

That’s perfect thank you, I wasn’t sure if it was due to the way I had assembled it or if this was part of the Ackermann.

I did think to myself, do I even turn the steering that far round… or not? :thinking:

You probably shouldn’t need to, unless it’s raining.

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