OTK vs Birel ART Opinions

I am looking into getting a new Chassis at the end of the season the nearest support I have is for both OTK (Kosmic, Tonykart, RedSpeed) and Birel ART. I currently race Lo206 and am looking into getting into some TAG, but mainly LO206.
Any opinions on either makes? I do tend to like my chassis to be more towards oversteer than under steer.

Hi. I think if you like the Chassis to be tail happy than i think otk is the option for you. I am driving atm an otk but im going to try the birel next month. I can say the otk is pretty consistent in its Performance over the race. But i didnt like it so much. Its too front biased for me and i never got the feeling for the brake.

I have to mention that i drive a rotax dd2 on mojo d5. I think next month i will tell you more about difference in both

Awesome thanks a ton!

Do you want to run the same chassis for both? While it can be done they are fairly far apart in some key areas with HP being the main one. Tag also runs a battery, radiator, water pump, and the drive sprocket is in a different spot. It would require some significant time to make the switch.

I believe each manufacturer makes dedicated chassis for each class you mention as well.

Are you racing now? Ask around where you race and see what people are using and get opinions on each.

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I’m cheap, so OTK as far as replacement parts are concerned. Birel Art (Freeline) seem to be real proud of their stuff as far as parts prices are concerned, lol.

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But at the end of the day how many replacement parts do you need? Normaly its in the case of the crash and both arent cheap and the difference is not to big.

You’d be suprised, as I know I am how many parts I go through. But I’ve also had a string of bad luck lately, so I’m speaking from recent experience. My local track is an Birel Art dealer and I’m always suprised when I go into their parts showroom how much more expensive Freeline parts are. Everything OTK seems to fit my non-OTK kart, and the parts are good quality, easy to obtain, and far less expensive than Freeline.

Just my experience.

Im doing around 5 -6 races a year plus training. Without crashing never something broke on my kart ( ok bolts or some few dollar parts). And after some race incidents it was only some plastic and axles. This is it for me. Axles cost the same as otk, same for bodywork. And else? What do you need more? Rims maybe, ok also nearly the same. Hubs? Never broke in my live. So what i saw is more pricy are the brake callipers, but its a lifetime part

After 1.5 years of cadet racing, we’ve had to replace rear bumper, steering shaft, kingpins, tie rods, and axles. And my little guy is amongst the more cautious out there…

Maybe because i am racing masters and people are more cautious there…