OTK vs Tillet seats

Looking at a seat replacement and looking for some input.

From my research it appears that Tillett standard seats are a bit stiffer than OTK and the “t” series is slightly more flexible than standard but similar to OTK. Is that accurate?

Also, with a taller driver would going slightly stiffer on OTK frame aid in freeing up the kart?

Not going 9 or 9.5, going to stay with 11 if I use a Tillett. Way too hard to find the 9/9.5 in a size that fits my kid.

So with all that, would we expect to free the rear up any going from and OTK to a Tillett T11?

Not sure how tall your driver is. But I am 6ft. I was recommended to run the T11VG and I did the past season with lots of success

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The OTK and T11 are very similar in my experience.

If you are looking to free up the kart, I would see if you can get a VG seat. That kind of became the baseline for lots of OTK guys in the past few years. If I recall you guys took chrome seat struts off last race and liked it. A stiffer seat will work sort of the same as adding seat struts; you’re stiffening up that area between the frame rails and the kart will physically feel stiffer and flex less.


To free the kart up as much as possible I’d recommend the T11VG. Like TJ said a lot of guys are running that on the OTK with a lot of success.

I ran the VG as standard since 2018 and I liked it. The last race I did was the Route 66 race at Dousman, and even on that fairly low grip track with me being not very tall, I found the VG with two chrome struts to be too stiff by the final. So even if you need to stiffen the seat up at some point, you can get it pretty stiff. Gives you a lot of range.

Thank you both.

Yes, he very much likes the rear free. We were on HH, full wide, no struts, flat front bar by the end of last race weekend.

I like the Greyhound RS3, equal to the T11VG