Oval stuff.... where?

If one wanted to try out oval racing in karts and one lived in central New Jersey… and if one was also not picky regarding paved/dirt…

How would one go about finding access? I had enough challenges with finding sprint karting… anyone oval kart in jersey/del/Philly/NYC? - that area

I am guessing it’s a no-go unless I drive well into PA or NY. I think ovrp has oval but it’s bikes.

Try this. You can search by distance.

I’m perhaps being an idiot… but it’s not intuitive…

I am guessing there is only Wall.

It’s not intuitive :laughing:. I’ll take a look on desktop. The code was, eh, suboptimal let’s say. One of the reasons I dropped the whole karting social network and all the things idea. The DeathStar as Davin called it.

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