Overdrive (and driver61) try a superkart (worth it just for sound)

Just listen to the thing. Delicious.
Bonus content: Daniel Thompsons twin KZ

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Will end up over a million views. Also, Rockingham is like 5 minutes from me and I am annoyed I wasn’t invited haha It was closed down a few years ago and turned into a car park essentially but the company that bought it seem to open it up for their youtube channel and stuff like this. It’s so weird driving past the place on the (pothole infested) back roads with the big grandstands laying derelict.

But it proves to some extent why Superkarts (and I am sure other motorsports suffer same fate) are really difficult to promote. So much novelty value for the casual observer, but translating that to actually getting people into one racing is a different ballgame. Endlessly frustrating.

Picture from Cadwell the other week at Coppice Corner. 130mph here. The racing was phenomenal as well.


Yeah superkarts are way out there in terms of getting people into the seat. Might be a good thing too given how fast they are. But you have to be a special kind of crazy (Thinking of the general population here) to want to race superkarts.

One would think we would see more ex motorcycle riders that are tired of getting hurt transfer over, but even those numbers seem to be low.

Shame really, supers are one of the few things on four wheels where there’s a real sense of spice and danger in motorsports these days.

See also:

Haven’t watched it yet myself.

Having a superbike background myself, one thing that always drew me to karting was the relatively safer danger factor involved. I was surprised to find out that the Masters classes I’ll be running in are actually quite small, with Southern California being a larger hub of karting and all.

What I recently realized after having made my maiden voyage in a newly put together KA100 package was that, while there is much more to lose by going over the limit on a bike ($$/injury)… a kart is going to be beating on the body from day 1. Two weeks later, I’m still nursing a sore rib cage back to good health and even that was with wearing a Bengio.

I suppose a good kick in the pants to get back in shape at 32 years old is never a bad thing though!

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Staying in race shape is my main motivation to get into the gym.


After buying a kart 5 years ago I realized I have to get into the gym! Best motivation I ever bought! My wife was “isn’t working out with me enough motivation” NOPE! It was my kart!!!


Hope you have a heated and/or air conditioned garage to sleep in. :rofl:


I am just lucky enough to have an understanding wife! (PS: She is not on here lol)