OVKA Memorial Championship Race [KA100 Sr]

I managed a win in the Pre-Final from 4th to start on Pole for the Feature, but threw away a win with a couple of mistakes.

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Congrats on prefinal win!

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Thanks, it was nice to have an 18 kart KA100 Sr turnout for our club’s biggest race.

10+ karts is fun and 18 is spicy!

We started 26 in 206 Sr at the weekend.
Definitely a packed track on the old half-mile configuration.

Anyone come together or did you guys manage to have a good race?

No red flags for the entire weekend, only minor spins.

I think 137+ entries on the event with double digits in every class except Kid Karts and 100cc Jr (where it seems like a whole cohort moved up at once)

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Definitely a great weekend with OVKA!