Painting Bodywork

Looking at possibly painting the plastic side pods and front fairing on my kart, anyone done this? Never painted on plastic before so not sure how doable it is and what paint to use. Would like opinions/experiences/tips if anyone has done this. Thanks.

I wouldn’t waste your time. Plastic is notoriously difficult to paint as it flexes and the release agents in the molding process mean the surface won’t allow for adhesion. Plastic doesn’t sand well either, so you won’t be able to get mechanical adhesion either.

The first bump you take/give and you’ll be driving through a cloud of paint flakes.


I’ve been thinking about painting my rear bumper black…thanks for the heads up @tjkoyen.

It’s an imperfect solution but really your best bet is to just get a nice decal set made or even just buy a roll of regular colored vinyl and wrap as much as you can.

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Thanks for the heads up :+1: I’m sure you could point me in the right direction of where and what type of vinyl to buy. I’m not planning on anything fancy just basic stuff.

I have considered this as well. I know there is a Krylon paint intended for plastics and I have had some luck on other non-kart surfaces with that but I don’t think it will be perfect. We have a racer at our track that has painted his plastic and it doesn’t fall off like you might think, but it leaves a residue anytime you contact him (maybe he did that on purpose). I haven’t asked him what he used or how he prepped. If you are looking for a simple 1 or 2 color scheme it can always be touched up whereas vinyl has to be replaced or recovered. I also considered the paint we use on lexan R/C bodies but the small cans are expensive and it has a dull finish.

The biggest down side its a one-way street, you can’t go back once you spray it.

If you really wanted to change the fairing colors, your best bet would be a large horse watering tank, warm water, and some dye. Your mileage may very… Or just buy new bodywork in the color you want. :slight_smile:

I experimented with this, did not last long. The flex causes chipping no matter what method you use during priming.

+1 on buying the bodywork in the color you want.

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