Palm Beach Florida Kart track

We live close to the Palm Beach Kart track here in Florida. We purchased six karts and a trailer for our children and my buddy right around the time the track had a tragic accident.

We understand that the track closed for a period following the accident, though now it looks as though the track is not going to reopen anytime soon.

Wondering if anyone here knows if the track may have future plans to reopen? May just end up selling off karts if we have to drive the many extra hours to Orlando or homestead to race…

I believe I read that it was reopened. live in Jacksonville, Fl and we have a free track up here. I will research this some more but I believe its back opened. Glad to see another Florida guy on this forum!

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Thanks Andrew… I called the track two days ago and the voice message says they are closed…

I really hope that the track does open back up. Will look seeing you at Orlando some day!

Palm Beach is shut down for good and I heard it will not be re-opening due to the death that occurred with the rentals. I live in Miami and have Homestead 20 minutes from my house but would have loved to have Palm beach as a back up plan.

That bums me out on multiple levels :frowning_face:

Hey! Here’s another Florida guy. I’m racing over in Monticello, FL.
I think I remember you coming over to our track with a group of LO206 guys a few months ago. Y’all were fun to watch! Good close racing!

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