Parolin Le Mans chassis basic setup

Hello all! I am new here.

Does anyone know if there are any basic setup to the Le Mans chassis?

I run X30 senior class and tyres is Komet K1H

Isn’t anyone driving the Parolin chassis here? :open_mouth:

Parolin does not have a large presence here in the senior categories at the moment, so there aren’t many people driving the senior kart.

Maybe someone has experience with a different “brand” senior kart that Parolin makes? They build karts for many brands.

I’ve run Parolin built chassis, but they have had different tubing and caster built in etc.

Assuming you have a new kart, you would always start with the base setup. Medium axles, standard caster/camber, 20mm width on the front, 1395mm width on the rear, medium ride height all round, factory seat in the factory position. Front bar probably out.

Then go out and drive it and make changes from there.

Thanks for the answers. I’m getting off to a good start with these tips.


I know this is an old thread, but does anyone have a starting point for the gear ratio on an X30?

For what track??

20 char

Call Teddy Truchot at Parolin USA in Florida.

Hehe, my bad. For the Le Mans Karting track. Totally forgot the chassis name was Le Mans​:joy::joy: