Parolin Master Cylinder Gravity Bleed Tool

I have spent several hours trying to find an answer online to this. The M10 bolt is recessed and slanted. Will the regular gravity bleed bottles on a stem work here. I can’t believe I can’t find more information on this considering how many parolin cadets are out there.

No is the short answer I believe. Usually you’ll bleed by topping up the the reservoir and bleed with gravity, pedal pressure or both.

You could maybe make something up with a rubber tip (maybe fuel line) that would seal to the master cylinder inlet, but you’d have to hold the bleeder in place.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work as long as it threads onto the MC. I suppose you could angle the kart so the bleeder is level.

I agree but heres the thing…. I haven’t seen one with a threaded part beneath the reservoir. Not to say it doesn’t exist, I just haven’t seen it.

Nope. Use a vacuum bleeder on the caliper screws and just feed brake fluid into the master.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. When you say reservoir are you referring to the Master Cylider or bleed tool? This is a pic of a TDC bleeder tool:

I don’t know if the thread size is correct but some come with adaptors too.

I use a wild kart bleeder tool similar to the TDC on mine without issue and it works with the same process as I use to bleed my OTK brakes.

The only unique issue I run into is that my bleeder tool runs into his steering wheel so I have to remove his wheel for clearance.

Pro tips: remove the bolt for the tool and install the tool before opening the reservoir to minimize mess. Also the Parolin m/c will push A LOT of fluid out the top when you pump the pedal, so if you crank it like I can do on the OTK you will spray a brake fluid geyser in your face. If you want the reservoir open you need to move the pedal very slowly when pumping it up. I typically put the reservoir lid back on and then just make sure the level is in the proper place at the end. Also make sure you’re using the proper DOT 4 fluid.

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If you’re apprehensive about a bleeder tool fitting, you can get an extension piece that is meant to combat this exact issue.

TDC makes them for their bleeder tool. It’s about 2.5”