Parts Availability? IAME easykart 125cc Aircooled Tag Motor

IAME easykart 125cc Aircooled Tag Motor looking to pick it up for practice only, I found that you can buy parts for the Tillotson HL384B, are gasket, clutchs, engine and electrical parts still available?

Yes, the vast majority of them are Leopard parts. While they may be discontinued, there are a LOT of Leopards out there and kart shops might throw you out with a big bag of parts for not much money just to be rid of them.

I have an easy kart. Ignition is sketchy on mine.
One of the shops I spoke to said the reason those ignition boxes go out is because of the vibration they didn’t isolate her right on the frame

Typical older Italian like some Ducati’s I’ve had they tend to make mechanics out of drivers real quick. There’s no visible spark when it turns over with the plug out if I put a brand new perfectly clean plug or one that I’ve clean in the batteries fully charged and I’ll cross my fingers, it will bust off and run… lol