Passing Masterclass

I think I mentioned it in that other thread I linked, but I think what scares a lot of people is the idea of being on an unusual line, and having to “get by” the other guy before the corner. In reality, all you really need to do is brake a foot or two later and get next to the guy before apex. I think that makes it sound less daunting than the notion that you need to beat the guy into the corner.

The big thing is getting the confidence mustered up to go for the lunge. That just comes with practice and getting more comfortable with your kart, it’s placement, and proximity with other karts.


Thats the phrase i coudlnt think of. Beating people to the apex. some tracks have a set of corners or a chicane that makes it really easy. If you look at the two images I posted You’ll see what I mean

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It’s a pretty brilliant way of looking at it. Last night, messing around, it occurred that this is totally accurate.
It can be as complicated as you want, but at end of day it’s just that simple. (Assuming your fellow racers are using their eyes).

yes, I was taken out by a fellow racer on that turn at canaan. its pretty risky because its tight, they didnt see me and turned into me and I hit the inside barrier. It was a fun race till than since I started in the back due to chain failure. Ive never been able to think of a generic passing rule and I dont thing there is one, but beating people to the apex is pretty close.

That definitely makes it sound less daunting. My local track has no breaking zones and is quite narrow. Passing is pretty limited. Hopefully I can find a spot to put it into practice

This is a valuable insight, I think if you focus effort on being more certain about your driving in general which will increase your consistency, then you’ll have a stronger base to work on for overtaking.

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Totally agreed. What I find helps for me, especially when I’m racing a new class or a faster group of people for the first time, is spend some races or practice sessions just chasing them, so I can practice noticing their driving behaviors.

Nowadays I’m spending much less time focusing on the act of driving the kart, so now I can put my attention on the behavior of my opponents. Once, I feel more comfortable with understand how they move around, I can start choosing corners that I want to start to practice showing my nose.

Back on the subject of mock battles… maybe a few videos like this in karts would go well…
If it doesn’t do it automatically, jump to about 28min:

You’ve stumbled on Russel Ingall and Paul Morris, both winners of the Bathurst 1000, and at least 1 Australian Supercars Championship. What these guys don’t know about racing isn’t worth knowing.

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Russell Is one of the best overtakers in the game (along with Lowndes). They don’t call Russell ‘The Enforcer’ for nothing. I am still working on my YouTube series for new karters. Passing and mock battles may have to have an episode

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Rippah! I do love me some mad Australians. Nice punt.

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Ok here’s a pass round the outside on slower traffic. What I like about this one is that I effectively force him to cede here in a safe way. It works out nicely but I did have to give up some momentum.

It’s not very special of a pass but it’s workmanlike and that’s what you are asking for, I think.

I liked that pass. I am hoping to get as many examples of passes as possible. A library to learn from I guess.

Here’s a quick video I made from a Route 66 race this year of a few overtakes:

And in honor of SuperNats next week, here’s the “infamous” LCQ:


I’ll watch these later tonight. Thanks!

Some amazing passes at both tracks there tj. A lot for me to unpack from those. I’ll have to sit down and take notes at some point

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