Patriot Clutch wear

These are from a 2 disc patriot clutch. Is this normal wear? I have really bad clutch chatter/vibration

at low rpm. Air gap is .003 too high at the moment.
Thank you!

I can’t speak specifically to a Patriot clutch, but those linings do look pretty jaded.

What kind of kart/racing are you using it in?

The chunking of the friction material doesn’t look the best. How do the steel parts look? They pretty blue with hot spots? How is your air gap compared to specs?

It’s recommended to sand the parts to clean up hot spots, but make sure your air gap isn’t getting too big as the clutch will slip too much and get super hot and not work right.

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I’m running yamaha sr can

There arent any blue spots anywhere, my air gap is .035 maximum is .032. I just ordered a thicker floater this morning

Patriot clutches seem to work best with an air gap of .024-.025


Thank you greg! With the thicker floater I ordered it should be close