Pay per lap

Just came across this amusement facility with a novel pricing format. You pay by the lap.

Never seen this before. Usually it’s x dollars for y minutes.

50 laps for $150 that’s not bad at all. Provided the karts are in a serviceable and well maintained condition.

Look at the kart specs - min age of 8yo and 6.5hp. 2yo passenger. Those are not going to be any kind of performance rental, but they are priced like they are. GoPro is $75 for 30 minutes. That’s basically 50 for $150 but at a decent pace for a rental

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The track seems more fun-karty.




Looks like a cool place for amusement karting.

I went to a place like that in FL and you had to pull into the pits after each lap, handing a ticket to a staff member for your next lap.

I see now, assumed since it was named Go Kart Raceway and not an “Adventure land” type thing they would be a little more “professional”. Definitely still a casual place. Good point on GoPro, when you compare it to that it doesn’t sound so great. Was surprised by the fact they do laps and not time, even most arcade type places do time.

I do love its vibe. I’d go cruise that nonsensical track, for sure.

Welcome to Small Intestine Raceway!!!