Paying for transport, storage, and mechanic and want to transport the kart and maintain it on my own

Hi everyone, I’m currently storing my kart with a team and I cannot practice as often as I want to due to the high cost (450$ per track day for storage, transport, mechanic, and fuel) (and another 55$ for driver pass). I have a Ricciardo Ka100 kart and I want to know what kind of prep I have to do pre track day after a track day as well as how I can prevent issues with the kart. I also want to know all of the necessary tools to have. Also any tips on fuel to oil mixture, carb tuning, or kart tuning in general would be greatly appreciated.

Are you toying with the idea of not tenting and trailering it?

To me, this isn’t a good business model. It should be a flat annual fee - that way the team has a better cash flow budget and as a driver you’re encouraged to practice more often and inevitably end up spending more with the team on kart parts axles chains plugs etc.

Anyway, I did what you want to do for a while, if you’re halfway mechanically savvy it’s no big deal. I’m a bit busy right now but I’ll write up my thoughts on what you need later

Your question is a pretty broad one, it encompasses a lot. But good for you for wanting to take it on yourself and learn how to properly maintain your kart.

Basic stuff you need in terms of tools would be a metric Allen and socket/wrench set. Fortunately the KA package is a pretty easy package to work on and maintain, so it should be pretty straight forward. Lube the chain and bearings before each session, check tire pressures, clean everything at the end of the day and drain the fuel.

The answers to all your questions have been given in a lot of other threads this forum, just might have to search a little.

Do you have aspirations of racing, or do you just plan to practice? That will influence the level of prep/maintenance involved.

Also, it would be great to know what vehicle do you own? If you own a truck or van then it’s exponentially easier. If not, does the team you are working with offer just the basic storage and transport/tent with no assistance/mechanic?

I’m planning on just being my own mechanic as well as doing coaching with the team which includes a tent for my kart to be under.

Ah OK so no desire to take over the storage and transportation bit. Tools are gonna vary somewhat but isnt the point of the tent to be able to have access to their tools?

Well no, I want to take over storage and transport because for me it seems reasonable considering I have lots of open space in my garage and want to work on it at my house. And tools are not included when under the tent with the team, everyone brings their own.

Ah ok. The program I was in some folks did their own wrenching, using the team tools if they didnt have the one needed. They paid a much smaller day rate than I did because I was getting all services included.

Like would they not let you use the air compressor? Can you have them mount tires for you a la carte?

As for Maintenance, check out this thread: What needs to be checked on a kart and how often - Some thoughts following a discussion with a fellow member

Transport depends on what you have available to you. If you have a pickup truck, you could just put the kart in the bed of the truck and pack your tools and supplies around it or in the cab. If you have a car, you could get a small utility trailer from some place and tow the kart behind you. Harbor Freight:

As for tools, that depends on your kart. Metric or SAE. Figure out what you have and buy accordingly. Depending on the Level of Wrenching you want to pursue, this could range from a few sockets, wrenches, hex drivers to specialty tools like battery power Drivers, bearing pullers, clutch pullers, laser alignment set, hones, various measuring gauges… you name it, the sky is the limit. You may also want to consider how you plan on storing and transporting your tools and equipment. I have a large two tiered tool box in my garage, but also have a modular rolling tool box I use for my kart tools. Versastack system allows for customizable levels to organize and transport your tools easily with a wheeled base and telescoping handle. Then you can mix and match levels to have what ever you need. Drawers, containers, hardware bins. I love mine.