Pc for iracing

so i’m planning on getting a pc to run iracing for under 600 dollars so if anyone could help me out i don’t know to get a pre build or do it myself it will be my first pc.

600 is close but doable! Let me ask a friend who is wise.

You can also use this:

We are in an odd place right now. Both amd and nvidia have released new video cards that are a huge step forwards. It makes ZERO sense to buy anything other than the newest generation. The cheapest card of the new gen is better than the best card of previous gen.

Problem is, you can’t buy them yet, really (covid supply chain issues).

So, if you are building a budget pc, you will want a 3060, which you can’t buy yet.

You could buy a prebuilt pc that has the new cards but it’s not in your budget.

I’d wait till cards are available again.

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I am being told that 600 is too low for a new rig but that you could build one with used parts. You could get a used graphic card instead of having to spend 400 on a new one.

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Just to get an idea. What’s a good budget for a PC?

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i’m not talking about the rig only the pc

In the PC gaming world “rig” can also refer to a PC build. It can be confusing because sim racers often refer to their other peripherals as their sim racing “rig”.

As Dom said, PC components and especially graphics cards are almost impossible to find right now at a reasonable cost. You’d be better off waiting for things to stabilize before trying to get components together for a build or getting something pre-built. Especially if you’re on a budget.

Before covid destroyed supply chains, $600 for a new PC build would have definitely been on the low side, but still probably doable (assuming you already have a monitor). You don’t need anything too fancy if you just plan on running iRacing, it is a 12 year old game after all.

Depends on what you do with it. A gaming computer has at its heart a gpu which tends to be the most expensive bit. I would say that 800 is probably minimum for a competent gaming pc.

Generally you buy an overclockable cpu. Examples of new 150-350.
16mb ram 80 bucks
Video card 250-1500 bucks.
Motherboard 75-400 bucks
Power supply 50-150 bucks
Case 50-250
Hard drive or ssd 50-500

A pc is just a bundle of parts. If you are on a budget, it can be done by buying used parts. There is knowledge required as there are different socket types etc.

It’s not hard to do but you would want to watch some vids and do research. It’s also a bear when you mess up and the pc won’t turn on.

Dunno your comfort level with all this. Easiest is to buy a pc from a company or a pc builder.

There’s also places like Craigslist which has a bunch of of builders advertising there. You might also find someone selling a Pc near you. But, you gotta know what to look for, parts wise.

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@olivier.p sorry to confuse. As jake mentioned, a pc = a “rig”. Not sure why. Maybe because they are “rigged up” from parts and usually home-built.

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@Forza To answer your question directly, for my purposes, about 1000-1500. I also video a lot and produce YouTube stuff so I need to be able to grind large video files. I have 12TB of storage, lol.

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My current computer I bought a second hand Dell Opti-plex with an i7 intel CPU (and windows key), then threw in an SSD and a GPU (it already had 16gig RAM). None of it is current gen, but in checking the iRacing website it reaches the Mid Range system requirements. Granted, I got really lucky with the price on the Dell, but have spent a total of ~$600AUD (about $460USD at current exchange rate).

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