Pedal Adjustment on Margay Wildcat

I have a basic question about how to adjust the pedals toward the seat for a new Margay Wildcat we just got for my son … And we are new to karting completely.

His feet won’t reach the pedals as they’re set currently … Is there a way to slide the entire pedal assembly and heel plate back toward the seat? Just giving it the eyeball check, I can’t even see how the whole assembly is attached to the frame. I’m thinking it must be bolted from the bottom and I will need to detach the floor pan to see those bolts. Can anyone confirm before I start removing bits?

Also, assuming I am able to figure out how to get the pedals adjusted, will I need to change the length of the throttle cable and/or brake lines?

Thanks in advance for helping out a kart noob!

For young drivers, its not uncommon to use a pedal relocation kit or pedal extender kit.
pedal relocation kit
pedal extention kit

The top one relocates the entire foot rest and pedals while the lower attaches to the foot rail of the pedal to extend its reach toward the driver. Most heal stops are adjustable as well.

Pics would help us understand your particular situation.

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The pedals are mounted as shown. The mount unit attaches to the steering column bottom bracket. The adjustment is described as ’ easiest ever’ and ‘a 2 minute job’ by Margay but also by users.It seems unlikely that the floor tray needs removal and the brake hose and throttle cable shouldn’t need adjusting but the exact means of moving the whole unit to alter the pedal position is not clear.

Yea, it’s not clear to me either, unless removing the floor plate … That is where I’m going to start. I thought about pedal extensions but I’d rather move the heel rest with the pedals. Thanks for adding the picture and taking a stab at it!

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From all the pictures i’ve seen it looks to be bolted to the frame from the bottom. Can probably be done without removing the floor pan, although a tad tricky with a wrench or allen key. The whole assembly should slide back as one unit so no linkage or cable adjustments are needed.

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After taking off the floor panel, it was pretty obvious which 4 bolts needed to be loosened. (And more importantly, no nuts on the bottom, the bolts thread into a capture block) If I had the knowledge, it would have taken 5 minutes, since I didn’t … It took 5 min extra to remove floor, look, and replace the floor.

The bigger issue was that after moving the assembly, the steering shaft wants to contact the throttle cable which would potentially impact steering and definitely cause wear on the throttle cable. So that will need to be rerouted.