Pedal Extensions for more leg room

Anybody use pedal extensions to extend pedal length beyond the standard pedal mount points? Any recommendations? I could use another 10-15cm to not have my knees so scrunched against the steering wheel and feel a touch more comfortable.

As you guys already know I have a Birel Monza frame. See photo below for project progress!

Easy solution would be to extend the brake rod and lengthen the throttle cable. This would allow the resting point of the pedals to be further forward. Only limited by pedal stops or front bumper bar.

Here is my set up:

Brake rod is metric, so I found a double ended rod from a hardware store. I Could not find a coupler in metric, so I used an aluminum barrel of slightly smaller inner diameter and tapped it to match. Then I used two jam nuts to lock it all into place.

That alone will only buy you an inch or two. After that, you may have to find an extended front porch. I had a Roll Cage guy make one for mine. Under $200.