Pedals Location / Tank causing Pigeoned Feet

Ah right, I just double checked and it’s already on the outside of the pedal mount points. I could try put it on the inside and flip the pedal foot-piece since it’s reversible (held by no.5 in the above breakdown) but that would mean my foot could slip outside the pedal. I think the combination of big thighs, an offset seat and possibly an IPK narrower mounting means the easiest thing is just new slim tank.

Can you snap a pic of your pedal box? The diagram you sent isn’t working for me.

Small tank does seem to be the easiest fix

I moved my tank to the left.

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IPK pedal mounting.
Disregard my last statement. After seeing IPK uses a separate protrusion to mount the pedals, it would seem the only solution for you would be a narrower tank.