Pedals Location / Tank causing Pigeoned Feet

Hi all,

I’ve recently picked up a 2020 IPK kart as I’ve moved to Rotax but i’m struggling with my pedals to finish the build.

As below in the photos I’m finding the tank is locking out my knees and the pedals are too central in the kart causing my ankles/feet to come in at an off angle and not meet the pedals properly. I may be able to move the pedals out a couple of mm’s with spacers but i’m not sure it will be enough.

Has anybody else encountered this? If so or even if you have ideas about how I could rectify this, please let me know below.


Do less leg work at the gym then the tank won’t be in the way of your tree trunks :joy:

You could try some not so thick sided pedals, might help a bit.

Would running a smaller tank get it out of the way? Heel stops like Richard pictured might help foot position.

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How skewed have you put the seat?

Are those the shoes that you plan to drive in? If you don’t already have some, find some lower profile racing boots, and ensure that they have minimal heel rise. That will buy you a lot more space. I would also experiment with the heel stop in different locations to see if that helps.

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Is it possible to mount the base of the pedals outside of the front tubes? If so, that would add an inch or two width between them.

Smaller tank should do the trick.

Was it Greg that was running a cadet tank? That worked for them.

Nope. My knees clear the top of the tank. :rofl: I have to worry about them hitting the steering wheel instead!

I could be wrong but I think that’s partly the problem shawn has, legs look short for the kart. Kiddo pedal extenders might work to lift up the knees to clear the tank.

Short leg, long torso gang, represent!

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I’ve had to run a smaller tank in the past so I might start with this. I’ll run by the local and have a play with different tanks.

My feet always end up skewed until I clear the top of the fuel tank with the inside of me knee (point where my tibia and femur meet on the inside)

The heel stop and pedals are quite far down so if I want to bring them closer to elevate my knees then I can but elevated knees don’t tend to give me much throttle length thanks to my inflexible ankles and Achilles :sweat_smile: Hence my desire to have mostly straight legs around the side of the tank.

So legs straight, knees unbent allows for feet to sit in pedal area.

So with bent knee, your feet don’t quite reach properly?

If as suggested you were to move pedals closer somehow, you could have bent knee and feet on pedal?

IPK has a great setup for that.

I’m 5’10 and my feet legs mostly straight puts my feet almost at the end of the pedal area which is perfectly fine to me. I can bring the pedals back to elevate my knees also no problem. Problem is for my feet to get a good flat angle on the pedals my knees are pretty much resting on the fuel tank which is much too high.

That pedal kit looks like it would be ideal for width as it appears as though the pedals are moved out however it does look like the pedals are moved considerably toward the seat which I don’t need.

Yeah I’m short enough I really need a cadet shifter chassis :rofl:

What engine are you running? Can you squeeze the seat up closer to it laterally? So your leg doesn’t have to try and bend around the tank.

Can you provide a closer picture of your current pedal setup? I suspect there is more you can do with out adding any parts or purchasing any additional components.

Rotax max Senior. I don’t really want to go moving the seat forward or back from factory position. I did actually notice when I had the tank out I had more brake side knee clearance and sure enough the seat has been installed about 2.5cm offset to the left rather than central which definitely won’t be helping. Still It felt much nicer with no fuel tank in so I’ll probably just go with that.

2020 IPK setup with their new pedals. I did end up spacing out the pedals a little bit but I’ve got no more thread to spare so that’s it really. I would use a larger bolt but the IPK system has a bespoke bolt to hold the pedal to the frame :

What I am asking is, does the pedal bolt to the front hoop on the inside or outside? Your first picture looks as if they mount inside the lower front hoop. Using the same hardware, you should be able to flip the bolt to pass through from the inside of the hoop, through to the pedal and nut. This will provide you with at least the width of the hoop wider on each side. As long as the pedal travel does not interfere with the upper hoop, you should be good to go.