Phone holder

Im looking for a phone holder while im driving because i found an app RaceChrono to log my laps and it could be helpful while im running sessions or Sws races anyone has an Idea where I could look for one?

Etsy or similar? Wouldn’t be surprised if someone sells 3D printed ones.

where should i be looking to find a holder or something recommended

I’m Not seeing any recommendations online. There’s a ton of iPhone steering wheel holders but it’s not clear what’s “strong” enough for karting G forces. Here’s a beefy looking one;

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thanks ill look into it

feel like its too thick i want something more of a clip on

They have those I just don’t know if they are sturdy enough.

Another option if outdoors is using an actual mychron with rentals.

@tankyx hiw do you deal with mounting the mychron to the wheel of the rental kart?

look into the ones for motorcycles, there are quite a few out there

If I were you I’d just make one, mount it behind the wheel, where the nose piece supports are.

not sure where to start

ill look around and see

i remember some people getting their chron to mount but thats like 200-300 usd so im trying to opt out using the phone version

found an onboard using a phone but idk about the holder

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Id say make a cardboard cutout that fits behind your wheel, make some holes to either screw or zip tie your mount. Using the cardboard cutout trace your shape on a nice piece of plastic, drill your holes, and use some elastics to hold your phone. Combination of mounts FM works best.

Few ideas

thanks a lot ill definitely look into this

Level up a bit

This guy is in Dubai he’ll make you one if you ask nicely.


i found a way to make the holders they use in the enduros, he told me i just need C clips a sturdy phone case and Epoxy glue

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I use an Alfano 6, but there are 2 ways, depending on the kart wheel :

  • The wheel has a hole so I can fit the nut of the alfano directly on it, and I use a butterfly nut (M8)

  • If the wheel doesn’t have said hole (F1 wheel or older round wheel), you can buy an holder
    Support volant karting location pour ADSGPS

If you are using a phone, the best way is still to 3D print an holder. We have a guy in France who has a shop and he sells that, can’t remember the name though.

This is basically a ripoff of what alfano did