Pin it sprocket hub

Who’s using these and what are your thoughts? Running 219 sprockets and 50mm axle setup .

Worth every penny. I’m running that exact setup. You can literally change gears as fast as you can pull the pins. No need for tools makes it even more convenient.

Pic or it not real :grin:

Is 40mm axle option available? Manufacturer?


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Decided to give it a try, kind of expensive but I hate changing gears so it should be worth it

How about a video?

I’ve been at that work bench. Good product.
I know Greg Lacoste. Good guy. I would say I race against him - but not even close. I need to work up to keeping up his dad first, then got a lot faster.

Thats pretty slick with the Lockwell pins. Nice find.

Who carries these? I am looking to purchase one.