Piston Ring Opening Location - KA100

Which direction should the piston ring opening face on the KA100? Seems like it should be directly toward the front of the kart / intake side? Not sure how much it matters, but I’m trying to learn all I can about this motor and 2-stroke motors in general.

There should be a notch in the piston ring groove and the ring opening should pinch that when installed on the piston

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Thanks. Is that the case with all or most motors?

As noted the piston ring is located on a pin on the piston. The pin has been a source of issues as the pin has been known to fail especially with more hours. The location is on the intake side to the right of the center intake (clutch side). It is my understanding if the ring were to move it can catch on one of the ports and that would be bad.

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Basically all two strokes, yes. Also arrow should point to exhaust (in case anyone reading this is unsure)