Pit Boards?

Are pit boards allowed in karting?

I’ve never seen this topic addressed and in watching different videos have never noticed this taking place.

Granted, gaps can change corner to corner, but some communication might be helpful. Thoughts?

I haven’t seen pit boards but I have seen hand signals for gaps and number of drivers behind

We (some) use them in Chris’s enduro series. I imagine it varies by racing type ruleset.

I don’t think there are any rules against them, though I think the use cases in sprint racing are few and far between. Everything should basically be self-managed by the driver.

I did have a situation last race of the year in 2020 where a teammate was experiencing engine issues on track during the main event. Did some quick thinking as to what could be a quick fix, if anything. I ran back to the pits to grab a piece of cardboard and a big sharpie, carefully crafted a clear one-word message and ran back to the side of the main straight to display, in hopes of a possible solution.

The message: “Choke?” …next corner problem solved :joy::joy::joy: