Pitt Kart Racing In Pennsylvania . Rental Karts?

Thinking of taking Grandson 12 years old to see how he likes outdoor racing he already does a K1 electric racing league indoors. Thinking of taking him to Pitt Raceway in Pennsylvania . In the spring for rental kart program. Has anybody done it thought’s ??? Race track condition / Karts etc… https://www.pittrace.com/karting-leagues-practice

It’s a blast and a fantastic facility with a pathway to faster karts! I started my racing journey at Pitt Race. Absolutely recommend. Rental karts are new and in good condition.

Track is one of the nicest in the NE

P.S look for @KartwerksDan if you come to Pitt. A legend around our paddock he will square away any questions you have if you decide to come

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Get in contact with Dan and he will sort out everything you could need.

Rental kart racing is great stuff and a good strat for the grandson. It’s a cheap way of seeing if he likes it.

Leagues can be a lot of fun and if it’s well run, can be quite competetive, too. A great way to get familiar with racing in a relatively consequence-free less manner. (I have yet to see a truly bad rental accident but they are possible).

Doing a rental league would provide a fun way to learn about gridding up. (And there’s no rule says you can’t race your grandson in rentals, should you decide to jump in).

Also, K1 has an elaborate championship…