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(James McMahon) #1

Most people start off in karting with used equipment (as they should IMO). So naturally the next question is, where can they go?

@Norcal_Karters asked this question on facebook and it came with a sleuth of answers, so I thought it would be helpful of have a single place to reference them…

Here’s the list:

Websites Classifieds Classifieds

Racing Junk: Kart Classifieds

The Colorado Karter

FaceBook Groups

Karting Classifieds Group on Facebook

GoKart Classifieds Midwest

Karting classifieds and tech on Facebook:

KartPulse business directory (find businesses near you, call around and see if they have used equipment).

KartPulse track directory (again your local tracks may have, or know of used equipment for sale).

Craigslist & Ebay: Search eBay and multiple CL cities with in one go:

How do you find good deals on well cared for equipment? Drop a link and I’ll update this topic.

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(Aaron Hachmeister) #2

Finding shops in the areas helps too, I bought mine used from one. Making a list separated by state perhaps? Off the top of my head in Wisconsin there’s Franklin kart, Innovative Performance, Two Cycle Technology, a CompKart site is being built as as we speak/type. Not sure about the 4 stroke stuff though.

(James McMahon) #3

Local shops are a good resrouce too.
I prefer by distance, than by state because businesses close by often get overlooked.

There is a business directory on KP that allows you to see what’s around you. Have a poke around and let me know what you think.

(Aaron Hachmeister) #4

That’s a good list, except in my area you’re missing two really big players in Franklin and Innovative. Everything else seems to be pretty up to date

(Davin Roberts Sturdivant) #6

I figured I’d like to reactivate this thread a bit.

Typically, a good number of clubs seem to have Facebook Groups for karting classifieds nowadays. I admin a few classified groups on Facebook, where karters submit pictures and sales information. Also,some of my local kart shops like Kart-O-Rama and Italian Motors have karts on trade-in as well.

(Eric Gunderson) #7

In Colorado, The Colorado Karter is a great resource for those that are looking for new and used karting equipment. We also work to update The Colorado Karting Tour Facebook page regularly with used karts. It’s small, but we realize that within the area it gives people a targeted audience for karting gear.

(James McMahon) #8

Added (There’s some more recent ads on there, but check the dates as there are also some from 2012/2013)

Added a section for regional-specific
Added coloradokarter under regional specific

(James McMahon) #9

Added’s, karts section

(James McMahon) #10

couple more updates, broke into sections added midwest gokart classifieds.

Reply down below if you know of other resources we should add.

(Dom Callan) #11

Here’s a few I have dealings with. Not brick and mortar, really. But they sell/service karts and stuff. NJ/NYC Metro area.

Full Tilt: Keith Raffa. Rentals, used, and sells Top Kart, Tony Kart. Website out of date and mainly about rentals.

Kartworkz: Jerry White (compkart, Benik) new and used but mainly I use Jerry for his “Tent” program where he stores, transports, preps and fixes my karts.

Fulkrum: John Bonanno (Compkart new and used. Can probably source whatever but he reps compkart mainly.)