Plastic Bumper repair

I have a brand new bumper that cracked at the assembly seam on the first day of use. I tried a jbweld 2 part epoxy. It seemed good but after investigation it was just stuck to itself but didn’t really stick to the bumper itself. So what have you used to successfully repair a cracked bumper?

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Lots of people just duck tape over cracks.

I’ve always wondered if you could melt it together, not sure how you’d do that though. It’d probably get messy with a soldering iron. You’d almost need a spot welder, for plastic.

If it wasn’t brand new I wouldn’t care. Hasn’t even got the sticker kit yet.

I don’t know if it’ll work or not, but maybe try heat? Like melting it back together with a soldering iron. Probably best to try on a junk bumper first.

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Carry on!

I’d try the kind of glue you fix pvc pipes together with, it has a high MEK content which fuses the plastics together more like a weld

Never tried it but if mine was split I would

there are some solvents that work on plastic. melts the plastic and than it dries back up. youd have to find out what plastic your bumper is. A heat gun or some kind of hot iron with wax paper may also work. heat up a metal plate, put some wax paper on it and rub it against the edges

A good soldering iron at max heat = fixed

I have been reading on plastic chemical makeup and what kind of adhesives work best all morning. I decided to buy a hot stapler. I think it will be the best long term fix and look the best. Then seal it up with a light coating of some adhesive to prevent water intrusion. Thanks for all the input everyone.

Take it to your local smash repair guy.
They weld plastic all the time with cars, I give my guy a carton (of beer) and they fix it.

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