Plastic rear bumper vs metal rear bumper (hoop)

Currently have hoop rear bumper, is it worth the $200 to convert to plastic? Don’t want to spend money unless i should. I know with enough of a shunt the metal hoop can bend in and contact the rear tire. Organization just states we need full width. Thoughts?

It takes a pretty big hit to bend one. The metal hoop bumper should be just fine.

I prefer the steel one. It won’t bend when you lift the kart from it on a hot day.

It’s also faster!

I used to run a metal hoop. The difference comes when you get bumped from the rear. A metal hoop won’t give so it will move you vs a plastic bumper will bend and absorb the shock. Less likely to spin you.

Is there a safety difference? I’ve had a couple pretty good rear end shunts.

Personally I found I could never get the metal loop bumper on my old Birel to be as loose as I wanted and felt it was binding and tightening the kart. The plastic bumpers are mounted differently and on sliders which makes keeping them loose much easier and helps with chassis tuning. That’s why I like them.

I have noticed the metal rear spins easier.

If we slightly touch the metal guy spins where as the plastic bumpers just bend a bit.

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