Please give me tips to improve my performance on this track

Hello. I’m 22 years old, and I live in India. I have few doubts about gokarting since I recently started going there.

  1. Is it better to break or lift off the throttle and corner without braking?
  2. This might sound stupid, but how much role does body weight play in your lap time?

I’m attaching a link of the local indoor gokarting track here. Please have a look at it and give me some tips like what would be your ideal racing line and braking points?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Little bit of everything in this video… Seems sometimes you’re turning in too early and sometimes you’re turning in too late. My guess is that you just need additional seat time and practice to get more comfortable. Keep in mind that smoothness is key. Any countersteering will slow you down. Also it’s important to be looking and thinking ahead so you can string together corners more efficiently. Some of these mistakes come from you missing the apex on the first corner and then being out of position for the next corner, compromising you there too.

Consistency is very important, make sure you’re hitting the same turn-in and apex points every lap.

Regarding braking vs. lifting… It completely depends on the corner. If you can eliminate coasting, that’s ideal because that means you’re being efficient with braking and accelerate, but there are also times when coasting is necessary.

Body weight plays a role. It’s hard to put a number or lap time quantity on it but if you’re overweight it’ll definitely slow you down.

Keep practicing and working on being consistent. There really is no substitute for seat time.


Welcome @Pratj05! I live in the US in Minnesota, we just got a SMAASH location added here in the last year. I have not visited it yet, but it looks fun.

Weight does play a role, but there’s no set rule on it… Although some will say there is. You might be able to get a number from other folks at the track on roughly how much difference it can make at that particular track.

In general you want to go as fast as you can without sliding too much. Sometimes that will require a little brake for certain turns. Overall your momentum looks decent, just make sure to “hit your marks” during the lap at the apex and exit. I think you could begin turning in a little sooner at some turns in order to be in a better position on the way out.

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Thanks @tjkoyen and @KartingIsLife for your valuable inputs!
Actually the person driving in the video isn’t me, but my line is almost same.

I lift off the throttle on the first corner (which is kind of a hairpin, but not exactly) and it’s hard to hit both the apexes. Also, I have raced with my mates (who are 10 kg lightter than me or more) and they were like 2-3 seconds faster which is a lot on this track.

But once again, thanks for your advise. I’m glad I found this website :slight_smile:

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That’s an interesting indoor kart track. It seems to be pretty grippy as compared to the icy surfaces I have experienced.
I’ll let the pros comment on the techniques of driving but I’ll sound off on weight.
Electric rental karts are pretty torquey so heavier drivers aren’t as penalized as they are in gas powered karts. But, weight still makes a very big difference. If you aspire to be top of the leaderboard, this is your big opportunity to get fitter. A 50lb difference will dramatically slow you down, I’d guess a quarter to a half second. This is just my guess, however.
The 2-3 second difference that you are experiencing is driving experience, most likely. If you want to get faster, read up on driving theory and techniques and take that knowledge to the track and try applying it. Lots of good resources out there.