Please help with seat recommendations

Formula K Evo 32 with cr125

Just got into karting and went straight to a shifter. I love it and am having a blast. The kart came with a size xxl Tillet T11.

I have put padding in but it is just too big for me. I need a L size.

I am 36, 6’3 and 200.

I have been looking at ribtech seats, just want something comfortable and best for me and my weight/height

Any recommendations for best seat I could go with??

Thanks everyone

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Ribtect or Deepseat sounds like its perfect for you. It wraps around torso and protects robs. As a taller guy, it also extends higher so you wont get rib pressure points.

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I was always comfortable in my Deepest, but I can’t find them anymore. Ribtech is a similar concept but they are a bit pricy.

Do you wear a rib vest? A Bengio Bumper will 1 - take up more space and 2 protect your ribs. However the XXL is still probably to large for you, it is better to be overly snug than over loose.

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Thanks for the info. Ribtech is what I have been reading about, but there are some other brands people have been talking about. It’s just hard to find info of people who have tried several and reviewed them.

Do you know if the carbon and fiberglass are same molding? Like size and comfort, just different material.

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I do wear a bengio carbon rib protector.

I think they are the same.

If you are still loose with a Bengio on then yes your seat is to big. If you end up with a Ribtech you may not need a chest protector, or at least not the Bengio.

AS far as I know, the Ribtech options are the same molding, just different material, but even the carbon is partially fiberglass. Some people don’t like the wrap around effect of seats like Ribtech or DeepSeat, as it makes getting in and out a little more challenging. However, you can lessen that by cutting that back some.

If you already have the best rib protector you might just stay with a Tillett, I think the T8 is their deepest offering but is very similar to the T11too.

I would recommend always wearing a rib protector, even with a wrap around deepseat or ribtect. I ran with the deepseat and it is was very noticeable to me when I forgot to put on the rib protector. I could feel my rib injuries being tested.

You may also look into a Jecko seat, or one of that style. NEK is another prominent brand, and while I love the comfort, I’ve had those seats repeatedly break at the top. I have a friend probably 6’4" and ~240 lbs, and he seems quite happy with the Jecko.

Greyhound has good quality in my experience, and now makes a seat that is nearly identical in shape to the Jecko.

The advantage of going with one of these brands is their material is the same as their standard seats, so it won’t disrupt the balance of the kart by having some other rigidity as you might get with Ribtech/Deepseat. I’ve seen the Formula K factory team (Leading Edge) here in the US using Jecko-style seats, so they should be able to provide you with the proper measurements on where to mount.

Hope this helps.

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Chris are there any kart shops where you could possibly try seats out? All of the recommendations here are on point, it’s just a case of seeing what feels best for you.

And yes, always a rib vest!

Also, I revisited the memes topic today…


I’d recommend measuring yourself across the back of the chest, back of the waist, back of the hips, and buying an OEM IPK seat that’s your size from Roger Hargens at Prospeed Kartsports. They’re less expensive than most other options.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I got a ribtech and it will be put on soon by Leading Edge. So much better feeling just trying it without even being on the kart.