Pls delet bought new one


Details:looking for a used in good condition New-line Rad atleast 16x10 dont care if it has the curtain or not , mine got punctured and really can’t afford to buy new at the moment , willing to cover shipping

@R3Speed had a super nice EPIC radiator he was selling awhile back. Not sure if he has it still?

yea that thing is massive , trying to keep it to roughly the same size I have now , i’m open to other brand such as AF , EM or KG

Sold but thanks for the tag!

I may have one coming up if you are interested.
EM Big 02 (biggest they have) with curtain.
Separately I can also sell the water pump (billet), red.

1.6 hrs of usage since new, basically new.

i’ve actually been looking at the EM tech rads they look pretty good

sent you a pm about the rad

still looking for a rad

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