PNW Lo206 Newb looking for people to drive with

Hey everyone,

Just quickly want to say thanks to DavinRS and DruLo206 for answering all the questions I sent their way. I ended up buying a used Italkart Rapido LO206 from SIMA.


Pretty excited about getting into the sport but it’s a bit intimidating being a newbie. I purchased the year membership at SIMA and am thinking about getting the membership with the West Coast Kart Club out at Greg Moore Raceway in Chilliwack BC. I’m going to head out this coming Sunday to watch the Western Canadian Karting Championship.

Anyways I was just throwing it out there to see if there are any local drivers who wouldn’t mind showing a newb the ropes at either of those tracks. Looking forward to getting out and driving. Fridays and weekends are best for me. Sometimes I can sneak out Monday through Thursday but the earliest would be 2ish.



Welcome to the sport! And it looks good. Good luck with it and I hope you stick around.

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Glad to see that you picked up a kart. I made a post on my FB page, letting some of the local PNW drivers know that you’re new to the area. Great to see you getting behind the wheel!

I’d like to see more of them on the forums, but one step at a time. :wink:
If I’m around Sumas, I’ll drop you a line and let you know.

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