Powder Coating - help needed

I had to do some work on one of my chassis that required me to remove quite of bit of powdercoat and it also has some normal wear and tear as expected, so I am contemplating getting it re-powdercoated. However, I have some questions that I was hoping you all could help with.

  1. Is there a type of powdercoat that stands up to brakleen? (I use red CRC) I am lazy and would love to just fire away all around right rear quadrant… but don’t because it makes the powder coat lose its shine, get soft, etc…

  2. If there is no powdercoat that stands up to brakleen is there paint clear coat that does? (I could paint instead of powder)

  3. Anyone know rough price of re-powdercoating a frame… including all prep and everything? I’m open for suggestions in Central Indiana.

  4. Is there any chance that the heating for powder could impact the steel heat treatment? I know they powder coat it originally… and I know the temperature to temper Chromoly is several hundred degrees higher than powder coat curing temp (and annealing way higher yet) but this is not my area of expertise and just want to verify this isn’t something I should worry about.

I appreciate all the help and advice.


Did my chassis and kart stand about 8 years ago, they did the sandblasting also. I friends in-laws owned the business, think I paid around 200 bucks or so. Sparkle granny smith green. I haven’t used brake-kleen on it, just simple green and water. I have used brake-kleen on original black powder coat of an Ivander chassis, kinda dulled it a little.
Can’t say I was concerned about the temperature of the process effecting frame.

Most places around here in Indiana are in the 200 range on price for blast and powder. Powder coat isn’t paint and shouldn’t be eaten by brake cleaner. I’ve never had a problem outside of slight dull of the glossiness.

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Indy Powder Coat
Precision Powder Coat
Custom Coatings

There’s a ton of shops in central Indiana. That’s not even a fraction of them. Hit google and start calling for prices since every shop is different.

Do they glass bead blast the chassis dry? As in, you don’t vapour blast the powder coating off?

Thanks for the advice all. I ended up going to a place in ohio called Viking powder coating and dustless blasting. Cool guys and they did a good job. The cure was like 400F if I remember right and that is well under the anneal temp for cromo. I called a place in Anderson Indiana (Carrera) but they burned off the old powder at like 1500F… no doubt that will mess with the heat treat of the steel.
Viking charged like 135 for one color and 185 for 2 color and that included blasting.

After blasting

After Chrome powder

After Lollypop Blue

After Assembly


I’m actually going to be taking three over there next month.

Love that color. Looks good.

Wanted to follow-up and see how it’s holding up? Also any issues with tolerance when reassembled?

Held up perfect. No issues.