Praga LO206 Kart?

Hello everyone… I’m looking to purchase my first kart and I’ve come across a Praga. $1500 which includes motor, chassis and kart stand. Seems like a good deal… purchased in 2014 and raced half the season. The stamp on the chassis says F4K M0985. I was speaking with a distributor in my area and he mentioned SOME of these models have had recalls for having soft materials. Does anyone know anything about this? Or know where I can get some information? I don’t see the chassis listed on Praga website and I get an error when I try to contact them online.

For the record, I was leaning towards an intrepid F4K, but if I can swing this I would be saving about $500 so I’m willing to explore.

Hey @DamesNellas!

A Praga distributor?

Both praga and intrepid are reputable brands, so you are good there.

Thats a deal! I got my Lo206 margay with 2 set of wheels and tires shipped for $2300. $300 was shipping to a local shop. But I would consider anything under 2k with less then 2 seasons a deal. Motor is probably still good a new motor is cheap and short block even cheaper.

Yes there is a Praga dealer close by. My only apprehension is the recall he mentioned. But he isn’t sure if it was on this particular kart.

You should be able to contact the manufacture with the frame number and inquiry on the recall.

That’s kinda troubling that the dealer knows of a recall, but doesn’t have the details. I understand one can’t know everything, and I know a lot of dealers in karting have full-time jobs too…but a recall is something that would stand out in my mind.

Is the Praga dealer you spoke with at least going to find out the details of that recall for you?

Not to be harsh, but if the dealer isn’t self-motivated to find that information out, I’d start exploring another chassis. You shouldn’t have to go on a hunt for that kind of information… even if you are not buying the Praga from that dealer on this go around.


I’m not purchasing the kart from the dealer… I just inquired about it with him. However, the kart was sold to the current owner from the same dealer.

I am trying to contact Praga directly to see what I can dig up but I keep getting an error on there website when I try to submit.

Understood… you’re not buying this one from the Praga dealer you spoke with

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have to do the legwork IMO. If a dealer of a specific brand isn’t self-motivated to get the details on a recall, I wouldn’t be super motivated to support that brand if that’s the kind of support that’s available.

My outside perspective from over the internet.

Absolutely agree seeing as I’d be getting parts/service for the kart from him. Anyhow I’ll see if I can get some details from elsewhere on the Praga and hunt for another deal at the same time. As I type I’m looking at an Intrepid Sirius V w/ Briggs motor for even less.

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The IPK brands (Praga, Intrepid, Formula K) have bounced around a little between different dealers and importers the last few years. I’d call Kartsport NA and Leading Edge Motorsports to get the correct answers.

Thanks man I’ll be sure to give them a shout.

That looks like a standard issue Dragon from the 2014 era based on the frame shape and brake rotor.

I sold an awful lot of Pragas from late 2012 through early 2015 and I’m a little skeptical about any manufacturer recall. Not saying it didn’t happen but it had to be a very specific, limited thing. No one involved in importing or distribution of the IPK/Praga brand in that era is still involved. Only Greg Bell as a dealer has stuck with them from the Intrepid to Praga changeover through now. KartSport came in a little after that hot mess. Goodwood in Canada picked them back up after dropping the affiliation for a few years.

While it was a bit of a shit show organizationally, the product itself was good and I’ve had tons of people race, win and love their Dragons. Just buy it for that price - you wont regret it! it will work great with the 206 too - go have fun and run it till the wheels fall off.

Hey Dan… sounds like you know quite a bit about this. I’ve been doing some digging and found out the kart was sold by Goodwood in Canada. Sold as an “F4K”… This was actually a special chassis created for Goodwood to sell to customers as 4 Stroke specific chassis/kart. I am delighted to know you have been able to draw a parallel to the 2014 dragon as I’ll be able to do some research on that.

Goodwood is who I spoke with directly regarding the recall… so it may not have been a Praga issue, but more some of the specific chassis they were making for Goodwood clients.

I’ve inquired with Praga retailers throughout North America at this point and they all said the kart is pretty good. I’ll take a close look this weekend and report back. Thanks for the help guys

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Oh that kart! Yeah Marco had that made for the Canadian market. I honestly don’t know if I ever saw one in the US. Neat piece and it definitely had some success up there. The reason no one else knows about any recall is that Marco was the only one that sold them I think. Lol. He may have had some other Canadian dealers too though that sold them. Not a Dragon but should be a great 206 kart. And again, for that price you can’t go wrong.

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