Prd fireball carb settings

Just getting back into karting. What is the recommended SR carb settings to start off and how do i adjust it as i go? How does the lo and hi speed effect the kart total noob

Welcome back.

Have you reviewed the manual for the PRD yet? If not, here’s a link:

It states the following as a baseline:

Tillotson (HL360A)
Popoff pressure is 10psi, holding 9psi.
Fulcrum arm set 1mm below carb body.

The screw settings provided depend on the other variables at play being kept in check. These variables are oil ratio (20:1), popoff (10psi) and needle lever (fulcrum arm) height.

Chances are these baseline settings will be sufficient in most situations where you are not looking for top performance and will be fine for just turning laps.

Generally you can begin tuning with a fine adjustment to the high jet to see how the engine reacts with your ears, butt and rev counter. Typically 1/16 - 1/8 of a turn at a time on the high (sometimes called main) jet.

Don’t overthink it for getting laps in though, if it’s running well, just monitor your plug and header and leave it be.

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