Premier Stinger Clutch Replacement Parts Cost

During my first tear down and cleaning of the Stinger clutch in my used kart, I noticed that the snap ring “lip” at the end of the hub shaft had cracked off in a few places. It is the snap ring lip at the back of the clutch (not the sprocket side). The snap ring still locks in fine enough and the hub shaft sits up against the crankshaft washers tightly, but, I think I need to replace it.

Looking up replacement parts for the Stinger has me wildly confused on prices. I figured this would be a $10-20 part. Boy was I wrong! Why is a replacement hub shaft for this clutch around $80-90? This makes no sense to me when an entire replacement clutch cartridge kit (includes new shoes, springs, hub and weight plate) is $53? I just don’t understand how what is essentially a metal tube with a flange on it costs $80+ when the clutch new is $160…

Is there something I am missing here? Is that price warranted for the hub shaft for some reason? I am considering switching to a Hilliard for around $120 because as far as I am aware, there is nothing special enough about the Stinger to warrant spending the $80 on a replacement hub shaft.