Preventing rust in a humid garage

I store my kart chassis in a garage in the winter. the door stays up because the dogs go in and out all day, so the garage gets very humid and wet during rain. i take my engine inside to prevent rust, but not possible for the chassis. is there a certain insulated tarp or anything i can do to prevent rusting on the chassis?

Oil it down with say, WD40. Wipe if off before heading to the track.

SOAK it. And re soak it every 8 weeks. Everything - even the brake disc and caliper (soak those with brake cleaner before driving).

Take the engine off and keep it indoors.

When I kept mine outside albeit under cover this is what I did.

I’d wipe everything down with a rag that you dipped in oil, that coat will last a long time, WD40 tends to evaporate quickly but works well too. I would avoid touching the brake discs for two reasons: a) by just spinning the wheels you may get oil in contact with the pads and contaminate them b) brake discs are porous, it will be very difficult to remove all traces of oil. I’ve seen other people do it all the time though, it may just be me

Rust will be very superficial on the rotors, if you get any buildup you can easily remove it with a scotchbrite pad or worst case with salt/vinegar mix

Build a new garage.

Or you could follow the words from the guys above me which ever you choose not sure of your budget.

Over here the atmosphere tends to be hot, humid and salty, I always spray the brakes, rear axle and exhaust even after a day on track with WD, been doing it for years. No downside. Just be sure to douse it with brake cleaner before going on track and do a calm outlap. By the time you’re crossing the line it’s all good. If you’re worried about the pads absorbing WD just remove them, I would anyhow for winter storage and be putting on a new set next time out.

Just my thoughts and experience storing in humid conditions.

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Is a dehumidifier an option? Maybe do that as well as the other ideas listed above

I’m in a similar situation and run a humidifier which drains into my utility sink. Make sure your garage door is sealed otherwise it’ll just run all day.