Price good or pass?

Asking for a sim pal…

Couple of 2011 CRG with rotax. 4k ask per.

Any thotts? 4k for a 10+ year old chassis and engine. I did not drive Rotax and I recall that there was a “parts” upgrade a while ago that sorta segmented the rotax used engine market into outdated “practice” engines and the newer ones. No idea if this is a currently race able engine.

Reasonable deal or pass?

The Chevy bow tie on the nosecone is a polarizing choice.


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Two karts for $2,000 each? Not terrible. I got a 10 year old Yamaha chassis for my first kart at about $1750 iirc, but that also came with a stand, mychron, external starter. Not terrible if they had another person to go half with on it, $2,000 each for a kart each.

Hard Pass. Double their actual value… at least

What does your friend want to do with the kart? I have a Birel of about the same age and an older Leopard I would sell for about 2k.

Listing says $4k each

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Oh I misread that badly, hard pass

Thanks folks, I appreciate it.

Hard pass at $4k for a decade old kart that’s possibly running a “prevo” engine.

In excellent condition, I think the market might support $2500.