Pro Model question

and this is it - no one really believes the top guys are otherworldly in karting. F1 propaganda has led us to believe that all the best drivers end up there, and we massively underestimate just how good the top drivers are. Danny Keirle is one of the best drivers I’ve witnessed.

And we come full circle. Why? Something is broken in the messaging.

Anyways, it was a thought.

It’s a good thought though. You yourself say you like my stuff and that demonstrate an impulse for humans to follow stories etc… Anyone with half a brain cell should see that and go “If Alan can do stuff, and he’s a pleb, I can too”.

I plead with drivers daily to do stuff because the potential is there. They just don’t see it and it’s annoying as hell. Like I said people are somewhat embarrassed to be karters. This is part of the problem.

Another thought…

It occurs to me that we have a relationship with equipment that is more analogous to golf marketing than anything else.

In golf everything is marketed toward improving your game by making you hit further or straighter. People buy new 1000 dollar drivers every year in the hope that they can lose a stroke or whatever. Again, hopes and dreams.

We say we want shit that makes us faster. But we have rulebooks and so far I have seen nothing that will allow me to not get lapped by Ryan.