Problems with hard brake pad

Hi to everyone,

About brake pads (in my case IPK), is it true that the blue ones (hard compound), should have a longer life than the black ones (medium compound)? Because in my case the hard ones lasted quite less than the medium ones.

It may be due to the fact that the hard ones, asking for a more decisive braking to stop the kart compared to the medium ones where instead as soon as I go on the pedal the braking is very strong, has stressed them much more having to stay longer on the brake pedal and with more push?

In this case, do you think it might even be the case to try the red (soft) or the green (super soft) to have greater durability? I would like to understand if the equation hard pad = longer duration is always true, or if in some specific cases of riders with a different driving style it may be more useful to have a softer pad that requires less braking and less brake time.

Many thanks

I’m not sure if IPK pads are the same as the older SKM pads but blue pads are harder/low temp pads made for only a single condition. They were built for tracks where brake temp is very low or rain. Unlike the other pads that will glaze at repeated low temperature use especially in the dry. Black pads, are a high temp hard pad and will last longer then green or red.

Thank you, this make sense. Actually, I finished blue pads in few hours yesterday when the temperature of the air was about 28-30°. So do you think that with high temperature the black pads are the best solution for durability? And do you know the working range temperature of the green and red pads? Thanks again