Project Saturn V - Kartweek 2019 Unlimited Class Contender


Laydown karting is very unique in the fact that you can purchase complete karts, but in order to achieve the best results, you cannot just buy the best equipment, and expect to run up front. I could go on and on about what’s different and what’s challenging about road racing, but it’s much more fun to come find out for yourself!

It’s an old school Proline chassis, (early 2000s)modified to accept twin engines.

Powered by two PCR 100cc liquid cooled engines. Featuring two, just over 4 gallon fuel cells, two SMC wet clutches, two radiators, and two slippy pipes.

The class(s) it will compete in is Unlimited Final 1 and 2.

The past two seasons(2016/2017), (Wild)Bill Bernet(kart owner and engine builder) and I have competed in Formula 100, basically 100cc open. We have won 4 final races in a row, and wanted to take the speed to the next level. The single 100cc kart has laid down some blistering fast laps for a single, a 2:05.0 best at 135mph around the 3.47 mile Daytona International Speedway.

We are unsure of how fast the twin kart will go, but we are hoping to find out real soon. December 28-30 at the World Karting Association Daytona Kartweek to be exact.

This kart is many months in the making. Many hours of fabrication and customization to suit the needs of myself and the high speeds this kart may see. A very special thank you to all who have contributed to this awesome project, Bill Bernet, Dave Ferrell, Gary Kramb, Kirt Rushlow, Johnny West, Rick Fulks, and Randy Fulks. And a huge thank you to Deanne Olsen for the everlasting support in these crazy adventures.



Please bring this to a CES race, that thing looks insane.

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Does the twin engine set up run two separate gear ratios or the same ratios (thus doubling the horse power I assume)?

Hi Liam! They both run on the same gear ratio; Theoretically doubling the power. Getting both clutches and carbs synced together is the real key to making it run properly, and that can sometimes be quite the challange.

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It’s possible to make an appearance at CES events Steve!

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