Pros and cons of Various cadet tyres (tires)

I have used vegas for rok mini 60cc , but the track no longer sell them , i have the choice between mojo c2 and mg yellow, can any one help with advantages like wear and speed. Tia

A shame you can’t use the Vega - awesome tire. The Mojo is hard and has little life - kinda a bad combo. The MG Yellow is crazy sticky and really not a cadet tire - would be the equivalent of a Vega White maybe instead of the Blue. The MG Red is a great cadet tire - nice grip, long life, pretty consistent after second heat cycle and easy to tune to.

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We use MG yellows as our cadet tire at our home track, but that is a concrete track so we are always looking for traction. On the asphalt tracks around here, and the 2 different series we can run, we run Evinco Blues, which are equivalent to MG Reds. Evinco Reds are equivalent to MG Yellows.

Most tracks or racing series will specify the tire, so it can often be a mute point.

Most cadets in the CO region utilize the Evinco Blue, aka the MG Red (no longer sold as MG in the region). They seem to have good consistency and are fairly grippy.

Thanks for input , will have to look about for some vegas , bit disappointing about the mojos , i though they might be better than that . How many laps will mg yellow do?

@Jessie_James there really isn’t a hard number for how many laps a tire will do. Factors that make it hard to nail down an amount include the track surface, weather conditions, amount of rubber, chassis settings, and of course how hard the driver really drives the kart.

A set of MG Yellows is considerably more grippy and therefore softer than a set of MG Red. For a cadet driver, I would recommend shying away from MG Yellows if possible, for several reasons:

  • A) The younger drivers will tire out more easily

  • B) It will likely be a significantly grippy tire for most cadet chassis, which could make learning how to drive tricky

  • C) The tire life of an MG Yellow likely is not as good as a harder compound tire. Locally, we see a set of MG Reds (AKA Evinco Blue) be decent for 1-2 practice days, and usable for about 3-4 depending on driver.

My boys are quite experienced and without weights the vegas last for 250+ laps , will have to find some .

TS Racing is the source for Vega tires: TS Racing

You can order tires from a number of online sources:
Comet Kart Sales
Franklin Karting
Acceleration Karting

Where are you located? Someone can point you to a local shop.

Life of MG Yellows will depend on your track surface. On our track, which is concrete, My daughter got almost a entire season out of them when she was learning, and used 2 sets her second season, which was about 500 laps per set. Of course, that is concrete which doesn’t eat tires up.

Im in Cyprus, with limited choices , but will give mg a try on Michaels recommendation.

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