Pros/cons of birel art cry30s8-b 2018

Hey guys, i found a cry30s8-b birel and cant find any reviews on it. What are your pros/cons/tips for that model?

I don’t have specifics for the year, but any of the modern Birel’s are a good chassis. What is more important is the condition. Things to look for:

The bottom of the chassis. Did it has chassis protectors, does the frame show any signs of being ground down from hitting the track?

Is the chassis straight and true? this is tough to do visually. If you have Sniper lazers you can quickly check the front just to get an idea. Also, with the kart on flat level ground does the chassis appear to be flat or does it bow in the middle (it should be flat). Also, the steering wheel should be straight.

Has the chassis been welded / repaired. While not a deal-breaker it does cause concern if it has been repaired.

If it is a complete kart the condition of all items should be considered as well. Replacing items can get expensive and Birel tends to be more expensive for replacement parts. Some things to check:
Does the axle appear to be true?
Does the steering shaft appear straight?
Do the brakes work. The Freeline floating rotor should have a little play but if there is a lot of play, the center hub and fasteners should be replaced (expensive).

A decent kart chassis of this age is probably in the $1000 - $2000 range