PSA: Attaching the brake rod to the pedal

This is a free public service announcement from Paid Off Racing, a Factory Karts satellite team. Pictures will follow.

Best: Clevis Pin, tight fit in both holes - continuous smooth contact with both pedal and rod, minimizes stress concentration and wear, can be lubricated without impairing function.

Good: Shoulder Bolt, tight fit in both holes - only disadvantage is that there must be lateral play in the assembly to allow the nut to be tightened without clamping the brake rod shut.

OK: Aircraft Control Cable, Nicopress spliced through pedal and master-cylinder lever - not adjustable after installation, must be lubricated, will eventually wear through soft steel and aluminum components

Bad: Bolt with clearance, tightened against the rod and clamping it shut - the brake rod will bend when you step on the pedal, leading to fatigue failure in only a few thousand brake applications.

Criminal: Ziptie. I would not have thought anyone would do this until I saw it on a kart at Adams yesterday. Steel is 100 times stronger than plastic, takes up the full area of the hole, and doesn’t degrade in sunlight. It wasn’t a pitlane hackjob, either; the owner told me that a commercial team had sold his used kart to him in that condition.

Although your writing is concise - I’m going to need pics to know what your talking about :sweat_smile:

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Clevis Pin:


Control Cable:


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A zip tie? Yikes.

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In the remote control airplane world, we put a piece of silicone fuel tubing over the clevis to prevent it from opening up.

This link shows a picture: Replace Broken RC Plane Clevis Retainers for Less Than One Dollar! - YouTube