Pulling engine to TDC after each session

Been wondering how you all manage to do this. I was told to do this to relieve pressure on the valves and to avoid bending the exhaust valve—I get this but my question is finding TDC with the started rope without having to take out the spark plug. I’ve thought about marking the clutch but every time I remove it to service i would think it would be off.

So how do you guys make sure you’re pulling the engine over to TDC after each session?

I never worried about it, but I’m not saying it is not a good idea.

The only way marking the clutch will work is if you mark the part fixed to the shaft. With only one keyway it should always be 100% aligned.

If you are getting compression then the valves are closed. Or am i off on that?

my understanding is that the valves are closed during compression. on my hilliard clutch its impossible to see the clutch shoes that are fixed to the shaft. there must be another way.

Pull the engine over slowly a few times to get a feel of the thing.

You will feel the resistance of compression and release of same.

Just before you reach the main resistance you should feel a smaller shorter resistance and release. (starting decompressor system)

For your purposes, pull the engine over the first(small) resistance but not beyond the start of the main resistance.

The engine will then be near enough to TDC, both valves closed and no stress on the valve train.

Not sure it is necessary when using normal valve springs but good in principle

Post amended after tests and thought.

Thank you, this is what I was looking for after being told to pull the engine over until it stops. I was watching a BS 206 seminar and saw it mentioned and been told by a few people at the track that it’s free insurance on compression loss and bent exhaust valves. Perfect. Thanks again.

It is to keep the hot valve flat & concentric with the seat. I thinks it’s a low percentage potential problem not so much a definite problem. Maybe some don’t run as rich as others.

Maybe some paint you could see through the holes in the clutch drum.
I don’t think there is much visible on the flywheel side bit a similar mark could work if visible

Sound like your gonna have it by feel though.
I’ll probably start doing it now because of this post.

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You’ll get a feel for it eventually. Like it was mentioned before you pull until there is a bunch of resistance and it almost feel like it “rolls over” and then there will still be a little resistance. That’s what you’re feeling for.

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