Pulse Fuel Pump from Intake

I have a number of 50cc 2T engines all with the same and having a gravity tank. I have found that the gravity is not always sending sufficient fuel to the carb bowl (and the engine cuts out when under hard cornering).

I am thinking of adding a pulse fuel pump to the engines. Ideally (instead of drilling and modifying each engine) I would tap and modify the intake between the carb and the engine.

The question is will the intake create sufficient vacuum to operate a small dellorto fuel pump?

I would imagine so, but can’t say for certain. They do not seem to need much vacuum to get the fuel moving.

Luckily it’s easy to test and easy to reverse if not. One thing I would say is to possibly seal up the vent on the pump so that you don’t have to adjust the idle circuit.

If it’s a single gear application you could also jump straight to a pump diaphragm carb.

Makes sense to seal the vent. Which vent are we talking about? I am very new to this (so sorry if this is a really stupid question).