PZ22 cleaning and maintenance

So I’ve sadly stowed away my kart in pieces for the winter and want to start doing some of the maintenance on the engine. I’m relatively new and I wanted to get a handle on how to clean up my carb for next year. A lot of the internet says to let it soak in a bucket of parts cleaner but it all seems like it’s geared towards quads, bikes, and snowmobiles.


Dip basket is probably not a great idea.

I would clean it out with carb cleaner, let dry, then lube it with something like WD40.

Open it up, Note float height, look for green. (if it’s green LMK)
remove jets, inspect, clean passages with carb cleaner, let dry, reassemble, lube (or not)

I would not go poking sharp objects in it. Theme being don’t do any damage.

Put some effort into cleaning out your fuel system, filtering fuel and draining fuel/flushing carb and you’ll probably never have problems.

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